Here are photos from some of Paul's nearly 300 live performances! Every show that we have a photo or footage of will be represented here. Unfortunately we have almost nothing for the time between February 1991 and April 1997!! If you are one of the many people who have taken pictures of Paul onstage or the few who have videotaped Paul playing over the years, please contact us if you can provide any scans! Thanks!!

WEIRD PAUL at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh w/ GirlTalk 5/2008   (Photos by Jordan
Flyer by Mike Budai for WPRB @ BBT in Pittsburgh 5/2008
WEIRD PAUL ROCK BAND at Club Cafe Pittsburgh 1/2008

Photos & animation by Niffer Desmond
WEIRD PAUL ROCK BAND from the 4/2007 show at CMU with Spoon and Oakley Hall!
Weird Paul concert pics- 1987 -1991 (in reverse order)
ARTERY (February 24, 1991)

 Paul kicks out the jams!

Manny, with his inimitable style, which includes thinking about England while playing.

The audience claps along with Paul during "Nacho Sin Casa"!
UPSTAGE (November 11, 1990)

They said it couldn't be done, but Paul performs "Strawberry Shortcake" with an arrow through his head!! (Opening for Prisonshake and Volcano Suns).

Paul performs "Butthead" on the keyboard, while Manny hold the mic.

Paul brings the show to a brief halt as he takes a dose of Mylanta™!
UPSTAGE (September 5, 1990)
Paul, always seeking out new forms of entertaining, pulls band-aids off his legs for the audience.
TURMOIL ROOM (June 1, 1990)

Paul and Manny doing "Simulated Wood".

Paul playing the organ (note the beautiful "Weird Paul' amp!)
THE TURMOIL ROOM (March 8, 1990)

Paul and Manny play a crowd-pleasing version of "My Head's on Fire". (Opening for King Missile).

Paul doing the rarely performed "Operation" song.

Manny singing his little lungs out.
TALERAMA (February 16, 1990)
Paul and Manny at a friendly "Battle of the Bands" concert. Note Manny's use of Barbie dolls as drumsticks.
SONIC TEMPLE (August 31, 1989)
First show with Manny Theiner on drums, premiering the song, "You Can Own Your Own Home Without Even Breaking My Heart".
SONIC TEMPLE (June 17, 1989)
Paul and Ed (a-go-go) perform "My Best Friend is Speak 'n Math".
YOUTH CRY BENEFIT (May 20, 1989)
First show with Manny Theiner on drums, premiering the song, "You Can Own Your Own Home Without Even Breaking My Heart".
SONIC TEMPLE (March 18, 1989)

They show the fans no mercy!!
(opening for The Happy Flowers and Sister Ray)

Ed (a-go-go) singing "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter".

Taking a break to eat the Little Debbie™ snack cakes they brought with them.

(l to r): Mr. Anus, Paul, Ed (a-go-go), Mr. HCI. With the Happy Flowers after the show.
THE FOUNDRY (October 15, 1988)
Paul and Ed (a-go-go) rocking it. (Opening for Beat Happening and Girl Trouble).
March 25, 1988

 Jason Catena models his "Weird Paul roadie" jacket.

A man is tied up, alive, and then escapes from his bonds - one of the many "side" forms of entertainment that went on during the show.

Paul and Jason Catena playing (the last song) in the garage for the last time.
February 19, 1988

 Paul performing "Eighth Grader Hangs Himself".

 (l to r): Chris Hout (bass), Paul and Ed
(a-go-go) performing.

  Jason Catena announces that a red Toyota is
  blocking the neighbor's driveway.

  Ed (a-go-go) appears as the silent, dancing eyeball

  Paul comes in close.

The crowd dances to a Black Flag cover.
WORLD IMPRESSION TOUR (December 4, 1987)
Paul is joined by Chris Hout (l) and Brandon Ritchie (r) on a cover of The Exploited's "Sex and Violence" durning the final show of the World Impression Tour. This show lasted over 3 hours.
WORLD IMPRESSION TOUR (November 6, 1987)

The second date of the tour, here we see (left to right) Jason Catena (rhythm guitar), Paul and Mark Grahm (bass) playing "Whole Lotta Mouthwash".


WORLD IMPRESSION TOUR (October 24, 1987)
Here's a shot of Paul on ice skates, about to fall over, during the first ever performance of THE CONCEPT TRACK. Roadie Jason Catena is seen sitting in the background.