I woke up this morning and I wished I was dead
a demon was screaming from inside my head
I knew it was myself and I heard what I said
I don't want to walk where angels fear to tread

And I think I can say that I know how it feels
To be an idealist who knows my ideals
Don't exist anymore

Once upon a time I really got stabbed
it never healed and I still have the scab
the stuff that you love can make you so sad
I cling to these things cuz they're all that I have

and I joked about Jesus wearing a kilt
no one I meet seems to have any guilt
For anything they do

I wanna be proud of the person I am
I know that I should, but I don't think I can
Oh is there anyone who will understand
Is there anyone who even gives a damn?

And I've swallowed so much pride that I"m starting to choke
big pieces of it are still stuck in my throat
So that I can't talk


INSOMNIA (writ: Jen McFeely)

His teeth sunk in my finger
Hope the pain won't linger
But I can't believe he bit me!

I got bit, you got bit, he got bit, we all got bit!
Not again!

The cat woke me up again
shook me by the shoulder
wants me to go outside again
look at stars with him
What the hell?
the second time in a row
since when do cats look at stars?
But I couldn't say no
Then I took him by the paw
and went out on the porch
my eyes didn't believe what they saw
another smashed toad on the road
how can someone smash a toad?
Poor little toad now part of the road
trying to get to the other side
now his tummy's open wide

I put my head down and thought up a little eulogy



I worked in the fields of a small organic vegetable farm!
Whenever they let me out of the barn!
There's a needle in the haystack
I've got a green thumb
I'm nature's son!
We grew peas and potatoes
and corn on the cob
I think I'll put this in my resume
maybe I'll get me a job!

I worked in the fields of a small organic vegetable farm!

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